Mount Batur is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the island of Bali. Trekking to see the sunrise will be the main activity here. The track or route for climbing Mount Batur is not too difficult. However, this can be quite challenging if you plan to try solo trekking Mount Batur. This trip to climb the mountain, which is 1717 meters above sea level, is a good choice, especially for those of you who like adventure.


Like climbing other mountains, you also need to make thorough preparations before taking the climbing route on Mount Batur. If you are alone, it would be better if you learned a few things first. The following are several things that solo travelers must know:


First, understand more about the mountain you are going to climb. In this case, you need to know more about Mount Batur. You can easily find it on the Internet. However, if we have to simplify the information, the height of Mount Batur is 1,717 meters above sea level (or around 5,633 feet). The Mount Batur trekking route is around 9 km (up and down) from the foot of the mountain to the peak. Make adequate physical and mental preparation before challenging it solo.

The trekking route on this mountain is not physically challenging. It is not a difficult journey, but if you climb Mount Batur without a local guide, you will need sufficient knowledge to find the climbing route. The route has been well provided by climbing organizations and local tourism guides. So, you can just follow that route.

Nevertheless, finding out more about what we need to do on the trekking trail is important. This is also the reason why an advance review of Mount Batur trekking will be your best friend. Reviews about trekking Mount Batur will help you understand the situation from the perspective of previous solo trekkers. You can use their experience and apply it during your solo trek. This is proven and very helpful information that can keep you out of trouble. The problems we mean are both natural problems and problems with residents.


This is the most important thing for us to prepare for. Correct clothing will help a lot during the climb. It will not only make us feel comfortable. However, it also protects you from many problems while on the mountain, especially regarding the weather.

There are two types of clothing that we need to prepare or wear for trekking on Mount Batur. Wearing a jacket or even wind- or water-proof clothing is sometimes necessary. Especially if you want to try trekking from November to January. In these months, the air temperature at the top of Mount Batur can reach below 12 degrees Celsius.

However, after sunrise, the temperature will increase significantly. This is the reason why you should bring two types of clothing when climbing. The first is clothing for protection from cold weather, and the second is comfortable clothing for climbing in hot weather. If you climb Mount Batur during bad weather, the situation might get even worse. So, you need to prepare the climbing equipment first before starting the climb, either with friends or solo.

Hiking shoes are also important. Indeed, the trekking route on Mount Batur is not too difficult. However, when you reach a point 20 minutes before the summit, the journey becomes much more difficult. Hiking shoes or sports shoes with good grip will help a lot in this area.


For those of you who want to do solo trekking on Mount Batur, you will probably need sticks or trekking poles. Apart from that, you will also need a flashlight; if you have one, use a headlamp for a better experience. Some small snacks and adequate drinking water are also a must.

For those of you who choose the Mount Batur sunrise trekking price package that we provide, you don’t need to be confused because we will prepare all this equipment. Our climbing guide will take everything for you to the top of the mountain. In other words, you can also reduce the load you have to carry upstairs. Apart from that, you don’t need to pay money to buy a flashlight or walking stick.

If you think about it, it would be more comfortable like this. However, if you still want to go on a solo adventure and/or even without using a local guide, then you can look at and consider the extra weight you are carrying as part of an adventure.


Are you guys going just for trekking? Maybe that wasn’t a wise decision. You can’t possibly miss the beautiful views while doing sunrise trekking on Mount Batur without capturing this beautiful moment when you reach the top. A camera is an equipment that must be brought. You can bring a simple camera, such as a digital camera and/or a smartphone, which is enough. If you have one, bring an SLR-type digital camera for better photo results.

Bringing a Go-Pro camera is also the right choice because it can provide a better view compared to a regular camera. However, if you want to bring a tripod, then you have to think carefully about it first. That will only cause problems in terms of load. But if you are a professional who wants to capture the best images, then a tripod is a must.


Those are some things you need to know before soloing the Mount Batur trek. If you have prepared everything carefully, then you won’t have any problems. If you want a comfortable trekking experience, then using the Mount Batur trekking service from is the right choice.

We have many choices of Mount Batur trekking packages, which are certainly interesting, cheap, and of high quality. Apart from the regular packages, we also provide the best tours that you can get, for example, the opportunity to enjoy the hot springs of Mount Batur, which are summarized in one package of Climbing Mount Batur and Hot Springs.

So, enjoy solo trekking and experience a great and comfortable experience by challenging Mount Batur with us. We guarantee that you will not forget this experience. For further information about trekking Mount Batur, you can also find all the information on this website. We will also be happy to help with all the information you need.

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